About Us

Our vision is to assure and enhance a sustainable dairy environment in South Dakota.

Mission:  To represent dairy producers and the dairy industry in South Dakota


Why was the South Dakota Dairy Producer organization formed?

  • To be a voice of the South Dakota Dairy Industry
  • To shape public policy by working with industry partners
  • To educate and mobilize its members


How will this organization benefit it's members?

  • Organize activities, initiatives and coordinate information for South Dakota dairy producers
  • Develop programs and services to educate, engage and empower, its members to enhance the South Dakota dairy industry economically, environmentally and socially
  • Unite individuals and businesses from all sectors of a diversified dairy industry to facilitate collaborative industry efforts for the good of all its members
  • Provide leadership for the South Dakota dairy industry
  • Foster a positive image of the South Dairy industry with key influencers
  • Represent the interests of SDDP members at meetings impacting the dairy industry
  • Act as a contact for the dairy industry in South Dakota


Won't the SDDP be a duplication of current organizations such as Ag United for SD, Midwest Dairy Association, and Central Plains Dairy Association?

No. South Dakota Dairy Producers will identify issues and initiatives not addressed by the existing organizations in the state. Each organization has their unique body of work. The dairy checkoff through Midwest Dairy Association focuses on product promotion, nutrition education and industry image. Ag United for South Dakota works to promote and shape policy for the entire SD agricultural industry. Central Plains Dairy Association is organized to develop and promote the activities and events surrounding the Central Plains Dairy Expo.


What will be the organization's first priorities?

  • Develop policy for future programs and initiatives that will provide for a sustainable SD dairy industry.
  • Some of the issues may include legislative issues, environmental compliance, permitting, educational and profitability enhancement.

Date of Formation:   April 2, 2009


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Member Class Director Phone Officers
1-249 cows Marv Post 605.826.4227 President
250-499 cows Allen Merrill 605.929.6406
500-1,499 cows Randy Schuring 605.298.5238 Vice President
1,500+ cows Greg Moes 605.886.3724
At-Large Dairy Producer Doug Ode 605.334.0033 Secretary
Heifer Grower Randy K. Gross 605.864.1422
Dairy Processor Deb Wehde- Agropur 715.578.8877
Associated Industry Mike Cypher 605.526.6627 Treasurer
At-Large Processor/Industry Darrel Rennich 605.695.3676
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